Peill & Co Lets former Santander unit to charity supporting veterans

Peill & Co lets former Santander unit to charity supporting veterans
Acting on behalf of a private property company, Peill & Co Ltd, the PAI member for Cumbria, the Lake District and Lancashire, negotiated the surrender of an existing lease held by Santander at 63-65 Market Street, Lancaster and subsequently agreed a new lease of the accommodation to FirstLight Trust which is a charitable organisation supporting veteran’s charities. The Trust have completed extensive refurbishment of the shop unit and it now trades as a retail outlet and café with ancillary accommodation above.

FirstLight Trust
‘We provide them with whatever it takes to make that tiny difference between life and suicide. We show them that they are valued. We give them back a sense of belonging. FirstLight Trust proves to them they aren't alone or too different to fit into civilian society. And we do this on their doorstep.’